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Targhee Music Camp - Alta, WY

A word from Jeff on the event:

I am beyond excited to be a part of the Camp at Grand Targhee for 2014. A new and beautiful experience I cannot wait to share with all those involved.

For my part...I will be working with students on two aspects of the live musical experience: songwriting and performance studies.

For the songwriting side, we will be exploring just what inspires and drives us to dive into personal experiences and exercises to bring to the surface the words, melodies, and ideas that are the very beginning of the life of a song.

And...performance. We will be stretching the imagination for this one...heading outside of our comfort zones and seeing where that inner desire to entertain people comes from. 

Ranging from group exercises to individual storytelling...we will see just what it is to be onstage and not just entertain...but, to inspire others to explore their own voice and talents.

I look forward to sharing time with all of you and being inspired by our mutual interactions.

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