A Note from Jeff - New Band, New Tour, New Project


Sometimes, when you ask the universe for new inspiration…

 It delivers in the most amazing of ways.

 I'm proud to announce the lineup for the band that I'll be traveling with on my solo shows:

 Danny Barnes: Banjo and Vocals 

 Eric Thorin: Bass and Vocals

 Ross Martin: Guitar and Vocals

 Not only will we be taking to the road starting in early May 2014 (new dates here) and continuing through the rest of the year, but, we are also excited to tell you that we will be heading into the studio to begin recording together in March 2014. We will be joined by countless friends, heroes, and mentors as we set out to make a record to shake things up a bit…to stretch the limits of where this music can take all of us.

 If you aren't familiar with these musicians…well, get to know them! Having them aboard to share these new songs and ideas with all of you has inspired me in the most amazing ways…

 And, I hope it does the same for you.


Much love,


Jeff Austin