Table For One


I travel.

A lot.

Therefore...I eat away from home.

A lot.

After a long day...spent surrounded by people...musicians, crew members, you name it...nothing is more satisfying than finding a local matter where in the country I am...and sitting down to a meal.


Some people can't stand to do it. Me? I revel in the activity. Dining alone in America is one of my favorite pastimes. It allows me to connect with the experience in a whole different really feel what inspires these culinary pioneers to do what they do.

I've had some of the best meals of my life sitting alone in a town you'd never even think of...that you'd never even imagine of being capable of providing a weary traveler with pure soul fuel.

And, that's the beauty of it.

Getting out, discovering something new, and opening yourself to the experience that's possible...

If you just pick up the phone and make that reservation.

Table for One.

Can't wait to share my experiences with you.